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Around The World In 80 Raves: Ham on Everything, LA

You are about to enter a sweaty dungeon of pure unadulterated turnup.

Around The World in 80 Raves takes you into the basements, warehouses, and back rooms where the magic happens—from Caracas to Calgary and back. 

PARTY NAME: Ham on Everything
CITY: Los Angeles, California
RESIDENTS: DJ STEREOTYPE & BRRRANG-A-DANG (Ham founders AdamGoesHam & Romoface)
RECENT HEADLINERS: Riff Raff, Gangsta Boo, Danny BrownSalva, Brenmar, Gaslamp Killer, gLAdiator, Carnage
VIBE: Like a late-90s warehouse rave, with hood rap instead of techno, and twerking instead of glowsticks.
VENUE: Some "hella sus" warehouse in a shitty part of Downtown or East LA.
COST: Usually $10 bucks
WHEN DOES IT HAPPEN: Randomly, once or twice a month


It's midnight in downtown LA and you're in a questionable neighborhood, paranoid that someone is going to break into your car. As you walk through a half-abandoned industrial park up to the seedy building housing the night's Ham On Everything party, all of your paranoia disappears. You are about to enter a sweaty dungeon of pure unadulterated turnup.

Like a ratchet version of a music video house party, Ham reimagines the traditional warehouse party by replacing house music with rap. Originally a collective called Hipsters Love Hip-Hop, Ham is affiliated with Kreayshawn, Sirah, Lil Debbie, Brooke Candy, and more LA-based hip-hop socialites. In the haze of smoke you can see Stunnaman from Bay Area rap group The Pack and at least three Odd Future members lurking through the crowd at any given time.

As a friend of the co-founder once said about the party's inclusive agenda, the crowd is a mix of "thuggery and faggotry." There's no need for the typical LA go-go dancer appearances at Ham, explains Adam. There are no hordes of people waiting until they're totally wasted to get on the dancefloor, because when the clock strikes 12 and the doors open, the twerkfest begins. With an RSVP-only status and secret locations announced day of, just preparing for Ham on Everything is an adventure in itself.

Calling the collective's parties more of "a movement" than anything, Ham On Everything parties have become a staple in LA nightlife collaborating with local fashion lines, nail artists, and more to create a family-like atmosphere for all involved. "Last party by the end of the night the security guard started grabbing the mic to hype the crowd up. Its all very hands-on, and very family or community-orientated. I feel like when you start going to Ham parties you really take ownership of the party."


"Imagine 700 kids going nuts, moshing to a Waka Flocka record. Imagine so many girls on stage twerking that the damn stage is ready to cave-in (and it has). Really, it's chaos."