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Michael Alig Club Kid Trading Cards are $$$ on Ebay

Gotta catch em all!

Trading cards representing Michael Alig's Disco 2000 crew On Monday, human glowstick Michael Alig was unleashed onto the public after serving 17 years behind bars for the murder of his ex-roommate, Andre "Angel" Melendez. How did he celebrate? By remorselessly congregating with his closest club kid compatriots for a fancy dinner in Manhattan, of course.

Evidently, the aging club kid is not planning to go quietly into the night. He's adapted his well-honed skills at shameless self-promotion to the social media age—starting his own #aligoverheard hashtag on Twitter, and dubbing his day of release "Cinco de Michael."


This Party Monster has always been extraordinarily skillful at leveraging the public's lurid fascination with him and his infamous crew. Back in the day, he even had these Disco 2000 trading cards made so that city slickers and suburban teens alike could literally trade in his cultural cache. Thanks to the frenzy of public interest around his recent release, these cards, in all their faded glory, are now selling for up to $112.50 on eBay.

Let's take a look at the greatest hits in these neon-covered stacks.

This set of five features the "VIPs" of Alig's crew, including Alig himself (obviously), Sebastian Jr. Page, Stephan Savior and Sushi

The backs of these cards shout out the three reasons why you should scoop them up: "Impress Your Friends! Shock Your Peers! Show Them Queers!" 

The set also came with a sticker advertising Alig's infamous Disco 2000 club night at the Limelight club in New York City

Alig showing off one of his looks—we'll call this one Little House on the Prairie chic

Walt Paper (Walt Cassidy) founded the hardcore rock band BOOB, which performed at New York City nightclubs like Limelight, Tunnel, and Palladium, as well as downtown rock meccas CBGB and Don Hills

Transgender icon Amanda Lepore was also the muse of photographer David LaChapelle and continues to throw parties for New York City's glitterati

Mavis was described as a "palsied old lesbian" by the New York Observer, while drug dealer Freeze reportedly assisted Alig in the murder of Angel Melendez. James St. James wrote the memoir Disco Bloodbath, which was adapted into the film Party Monster. Keoki was Alig's lover and a resident DJ at Disco 2000. 

Gotta catch em all!

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