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Stormzy Is Number One (According to People Who Aren't Us)!

Ryan Bassil
London, GB

There's a thing in music – or indeed, journalism and international trade – called an embargo. For those who don't spend their afternoons flipping through emails from independent PR companies or have never lived in 18th-century Rome, the word essentially means that something cannot happen. Commercial activity between these two countries is banned / Please don't tell anyone Rag'n'Bone Man is as successful as we decided he would be until 7PM on Tuesday night / Etc etc etc. That's the embargo and that's how that shit works. You are not allowed to break the embargo.


That said, if there's one piece of information that's likely to have been kept under wraps today it's whether or not Stormzy has gone to number 1 with the release of his debut album Gang Signs & Prayer. If he has gone to number 1, it's more than likely there's an embargo on the news. As upstanding and respectful individuals, we here at Noisey would never break International Music Law by flippantly announcing information – especially positive messages like this – before we were allowed. That said some people who are not us believe that Stormzy has gone to number 1. Of course it would be really embarrassing if – "a UK based platform by and for, strongly opinionated and equally passionate music lovers" – got this wrong but that's on them not us. We play by the law. We're just taking a look at what people have said.

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