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Breathtaking Stained-Glass Cabin Looks Ripped from a Fairytale

Neile Cooper’s handcrafted glass abode is made entirely of reclaimed materials and it is stunning.

A miniature house made from glass shows off expert construction and dazzling motifs seemingly ripped from Alice In Wonderland. Covered with stained glass, the house sits on a stretch of luscious green land in Mohawk, New Jersey. Neile Cooper, a long-time stained-glass artist and jeweler, considers the Glass Cabin her most ambitious work to date. The sharp right angles of the house juxtapose with the swiveling oversized leaves and the curving wingspan of butterflies, accentuating the fantasy house. "The Glass Cabin is my dream project, my creative sanctuary in my yard in a lovely lakeside town," the artist tells Creators.


"It is made almost entirely of reclaimed materials," Cooper shares with Creators. "Rafter beams from some fallen trees, lumber from a neighbor's storm-damaged porch, and many, many old window frames." The cabin's front-facing wall measures 8-feet by 12-feet. The cabin is small but the views from within are spectacular and kaleidoscopic.

Visit Neile Cooper's website and Instagram to see more from the artist and designer. To check out her jewelry designs visit her Etsy page.


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