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Zed Bias and Lamont are Here to Remind You That 2-Step is Rad

Peep Zed's remix of "Far Away" and a free DL of "Line of Control"
October 24, 2014, 12:54am

Newfangled Bristol-based bass label Durkle Disco has come out of the gates swinging' with Lamont's "Far Away," a quintessential 2-step tune replete with sinister synths and atmosphere atop some sub-low bass. The track has accrued some love on RinseFM in addition to some BBC airplay, but there's no shine like the rub Zed Bias gave to the track in this heavy and weird remix:

Oh, we're not done yet. We've got the premiere and Free DL on Lamont's "Line of Control," a similarly ominous shuffler that had us in the mood for anti-social behavior Just kidding – this track is actually about meditating by the sounds of it.

2-step is an essential genre and an important node in the development of bass music, and it's rad to see underground labels still bringing the freshness.

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