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Watch Swet Shop Boys Inspire Young Love in Their "Aaja" Video

The song is featured on their 2016 debut album 'Cashmere.'

Rap duo Swet Shop Boys—made up of key underground New York figure Heems and Pakistani-British actor Riz Ahmed—released their debut album Cashmere last year. The record was recorded in five days and aimed to celebrates the unity between India and Pakistan. Two of the album's songs, "T5" and "Zayn Malik" have made traction since the release. The latter's video took on the harassment that Muslim immigrants experienced in airports across the US.


Today the duo released a video for album cut "Aaja." The song features Pakistani singer Ali Sethi who, in the video, appears on bodega TV screens across New York City. The video shows a love story between two kids in Coney Island who have their first date at Swet Shop Boys' highly anticipated NYC performance. Watch the video below.

Photo: Screengrab of video via YouTube

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