Rainbow-Schmeared Unicorn Toast Brings Whimsy to Breakfast


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Rainbow-Schmeared Unicorn Toast Brings Whimsy to Breakfast

Adeline Waugh uses natural ingredients to color her nutritious, kaleidoscopic treats.

Wish you could taste the rainbow for breakfast? While we're not advocating pounding Skittles first thing in the morning, we're big fans of food that's both delicious and beautiful, like food stylist Adeline Waugh's kaleidoscopic toast designs. Embracing painterly sensibilities, Waugh elevates her breakfast recipes to an idyllic, photogenic realm in which schmear doubles as pigment, turning bread into canvas. Her decadent toasts frequently incorporate healthy ingredients, like radishes, seeds, and natural dyes.


Waugh's social presence often tips a hat to nutrition trends like the paleo diet and "clean eating"—both as inspiration for her fan base but also the result of the stylist's personal journey through healthful eating. In terms of artistry, her intent with each swirling, blissful toast is to experiment in the kitchen and "attempt to create something aesthetically pleasing and unique."

"I never set out to create a trend," Waugh tells Creators. "I was just playing around in my kitchen and trying to figure out how I could make hot pink cream cheese (as one does). After playing around with all the cream cheese colors and blending them together to create new colors, I loved how they appeared to resemble paint-brush strokes. I called this colorful toast 'watercolor' toast in my  caption, but my wonderful friends on Instagram quickly dubbed it 'Unicorn Toast,' as the combination of the pastel hues clearly resembled that of a unicorn's mane."