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Festival Fit: The Worked Out Bods of Tomorrowland

We went to the land of mussels to scope out the muscles on the hottest rave bodies from around the world at the land of Tomorrow.
July 29, 2014, 1:49am

To be Festival Fit it isn't enough to just go to the gym once a week. You want a hot body? You better work bitch. That's what all (well, most) of Tomorrowland's hard, sculpted rave bodies did to get their physiques ready for your visual consumption.

During the two weekends that the tiny village of Boom, Belgium hosted the world's raging-est ravers at the annual festival, there were more bare torsos than necessary. Even at an event that boasts more national flags than its rivals, it's clear that like the rave spirit, fitness goes beyond borders. Those who prepared themselves to be swole, cut or just plain sexy were rewarded by inclusion here and now so shall your eyes be rewarded too as we present the best muscles outside Brussels with this installment of Festival Fit: Tomorrowland.


Felix, Moritz, Philipp (near Köln, Germany)

THUMP: What do you guys do to stay in shape?

Felix: "I play field hockey and do the gym."
Moritz: "I do the gym."
Philipp: "I do gymnastics!"

Britney (Austin, TX, USA)

THUMP: How do you get stay in shape for festival season?

Britney: "I run and do crossfit."

Cedric Charlier; Tom Boon (Brussels, Belgium)

THUMP: Were you an Olympic athlete?

Cedric: "Yes! I was on the Belgian field hockey team."

Do you still play?

Cedric: "Yes and he [Tom] was on the team too. We are so much better than the Americans!"





; Tom's




Paulina Rupinska & Jarek Janowski (Poland)

THUMP: You both are so sculpted. What do you do for exercise?

Paulina: "He's a professional bodybuilder. I used to be a kickboxer and now I'm a bodybuilder too."

THUMP: How do you get in such incredible shape?

Joe: "I train seven times a week and play rugby."

Joe's Twitter/Instagram

Vanessa (London, ON, Canada)

THUMP: How do you get in shape for festival season?

Vanessa: "I just like to run with little five pound weights."

THUMP: How do you get in shape to wear those shorts?

Sydney: "Nothing! No, I'm kidding I do squats."

Sydney's Twitter

THUMP: How do you prepare your body for festival season?

Axel: "I go to the gym and party!"

Monica Cueva (Argentina)

THUMP: How do you stay in shape?

Monica: "I do fitness."

Hans Wendel Braga Luz (São Paulo, Brazil)

THUMP: How do you get in shape for festival season?

Hans: "I only do the gym four times a week."


Hans's Instagram

Leo (Nice, France)

THUMP: How do you stay in shape?

Leo: "I play rugby and go sailing"

THUMP: You're not from the US?
Diego: "No, Brazil!"
How do you stay in shape?

"I do weightlifting and running"

Diego's Instagram

THUMP: How do you stay in shape?

Julie: "Nothing."
"I eat very much and I don't like sports."

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