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7 Pinterest Boards for an Inspirational EDC Vegas

Things Pinterest is good for: weddings, food pictures and ravespiration.

Maybe when you think of Pinterest you think of crazy chicks who plan their wedding before they even have a boyfriend. I used to think that, but after an extensive search around the stereotypically girly social media startup, I realized Pinterest is for more than overeager girls. It's for inspiration seekers, believers, people who know that by sharing images the world can become a more aesthetically pleasing, surprising place—even for ravers.


So don't discount the boards so earnestly and generously shared with you, and updated on a daily basis. With just a few days left to EDC Vegas you might be feeling the stress of preparation creeping up your spine. Have no fear, just know that If you haven't started your EDC-prep you better get to it right this very second. We're here to help. Check out these seven Pinterest boards for all your EDC needs. And even if you have started preparing, up your rave game this year with accessory ideas and tips from these very helpful sites. Make the most of social media this summer—it's here to help you.


By: Shae Crain
Best for: Pictures of bikini and fuzzy-boot clad raver girls.
Why you need this: Because this name is so ridiculously awesome how could this not be a perfect Pinterest? Also, you need to practice looking at mostly naked raver girls without staring like a drooling fool. That goes for all of you.


By: Erica Taylor
Best for: Getting pumped up.
Why you need this: EDC is this weekend, bitches. Now remind yourself why you're heading to the desert to dance for hours on end. They do sell bacon in Vegas.


By: Andrea Alas
Best for: Rave costume ideas.
Why you need this: Because every potential costume idea—from R2Rave2 (pictured above) to Disney princesses—works while wearing a bikini and furry boots, you just need to try hard enough. And remeber, you're in Vegas, wear as many sequins as possible.



By: Tyler Martinez
Best for: Makeup.
Why you need this: For your natural, glitter-fueled, day-glo or full-on facepaint looks, EDC Vegas 2014 has you covered. There are also some lists of good places to eat for when the makeup starts to wear off and you realize you look like a monster and haven't eaten all day.


By: Michele Rutter
Best for: Kandi.
Why you need this: How else do you become the only raver handing out Beauty and the Beast sexy Belle necklaces while wearing a Batman logo bracelet? You might even end up with a free house.


By: Rye Schlueter
Best for: Inspirational rave quotes.
Why you need this: One, to prove to your parents that raves can be wholesome. Two, there's a Plato quote in there that you should probably print out and turn into a poster. Three, "Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat" is so last year.


By: Bold Sparro Vintage
Best for: Remembering what partying in Vegas was like before EDC took over the city in 2011. 
Why you need this: These days Vegas and EDM are synonymoous. As such, when EDC finally made it's way to sin city in 2011, the city became a mecca for EDM fans who began migrating en masse to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for endless bass drops. But it wasn't always like this—Vegas used to be about gambling, all-girl dance routines and strippers. Honor your history and remember how they used to party before you came along. Maybe you'll even learn a thing or two.

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