It's Always the Weekend in These Intricate Paintings of Downtime
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It's Always the Weekend in These Intricate Paintings of Downtime

Paige Jiyoung Moon's works depict young people hanging out.

If it's not hanging with friends over coffee or trying out an acupuncture treatment, Korean illustrator and painter Paige Jiyoung Moon creates acrylic paintings from real-life experiences. Her detailed and dense paintings often depict young people hanging out together without pretense, lounging about in public spaces, and interacting with their mobile devices. Her tech-savvy characters are painted within natural landscapes and zen locations.


A tableau of three women, two checking their phones, is juxtaposed by a towering statue of an Asian goddess within a blissful garden. More specific settings include a print class, where a group of students watch a professor demonstrate a new technique, or a subway car, where riders sport warm-weather clothes and all wear headphones.

Pear Lake



Like the young people in her drawings, the painter, who is based in Glendale, California, is a fan of hiking, enjoying good coffee, and watching movies. She tells Creators her artwork reflects "how we experience a usual day, how we remember it in our mind." Moon says, "It can be a normal day, but it can turn out to be special and that makes us smile."

When developing her pieces, the artist draws upon particularly strong visual memories. She says, "Sometimes I think about paintings when I'm with people. If some place has a nice interior or my friend is wearing a shirt with a nice pattern, I think about painting it. But mostly, I remember things later and think about the moments that I keep remembering or smile at."

Joshua Tree 

Mt. Baldy

Mom Praying


"There are certain times," Moon continues, "that make me feel like I want to remember everything around me like colors, furniture, and people in the environment. These are my memories that I want to remember for a long time."


Cactus Garden