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Gonjasufi's New Single "Maniac Depressant" is a Cathartic Dirge for End Times

The Nevada producer's first album in four years, 'Callus,' comes out Aug. 19 on Warp Records.
Photo courtesy of Warp Records

After a handful of guest appearances on albums by artists including Flying Lotus, The Bug, and more, Nevada producer and vocalist Gonjasufi (aka Sumach Ecks) announced a new album today, his first since 2012's MU.ZZ.LE. Entitled Callus, it's out Aug. 19 via Warp Records, and features former The Cure guitarist Pearl Thompson on several tracks.

"I peeled through all these layers to get to the core," explained Ecks of the record in a press release. "I channeled all the misunderstanding and misery and torment—that's what it is, torment—into this."


Lead single "Maniac Depressant" hints at the album's thematic bleakness, with rumbling drums, psych-rock guitars, and the artist's tormented wails. Los Angeles-based producer The Gaslamp Killer also recently announced on Twitter that Ecks would be featured on his forthcoming LP.

Listen to the track below and pre-order Callus here.

Callus Tracklist:

1. Your Maker
2. Maniac Depressant
3. Afrikan Spaceship
4. Carolyn Shadows
5. Ole Man Sufferah
6. Greasemonkey
7. The Kill
8. Prints Of Sin
9. Krishna Punk
10. Elephant Man
11. The Conspiracy
12. Poltergeist
13. Vinaigrette
14. Devils

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