This story is over 5 years old.

NORTHMIX: Leo Franco

​Colombian-Canadian Leo Franco brings the heat to the North.

Although Leo Franco has emigrated half away across the globe, his home never seems far away when tuned into his music. After arriving on Canadian soil in 2008, Franco took it upon himself to translate his passion for music, art, and culture through the ruts on a record.

After learning how to spin vinyl at 16—shortly after moving to Toronto—he began to focus his time on DJing and the production of electronic music. It was in the industry where his cultural background fit into the vibrant musical landscape of the city, like a missing puzzle piece.

It's the depths in which Franco ventures through his music that has given rise to his name throughout local venues. That sophistication is audible in this Northmix, too. Playing alongside Toronto staples Nathan Barato, The Junkies, and Chris Larsen, among others, Franco has demonstrated that you don't need to lose the groove to make it work in the club.

The mix starts off strong and keeps you enthralled with an array of ambient sound. His selection of accents for the mix in the form of vocals, drums, and drowned-out bass keep your headphones on and the volume loud—whether you were expecting it or not.

This year, Franco has continued where he left off, playing renowned venues from Guv to Comfort Zone and headlining one of Toronto's favourite summer parties in the form of Cherry Beach. The Colombian is set to release his debut EP on Toronto label, All Blak—something the city and it's fans should definitely be looking forward to.

Leo Franco is on Facebook // SoundCloud