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Submerge yourself in this exclusive mix by the No. 19 label co-founder.

"DJ, Producer, Promoter, Label Owner and Record storeowner." No, this isn't your egotistical friend's inflated Instagram bio, but rather the credentials of a true Renaissance man in electronic music: Nitin.

With humble beginnings in London, Ontario and now 15 years in the scene, Nitin has mesmerized crowds coast to coast with his intricate tech house concept and sounds. As the co-founder of the label No.19 with Art Department's Jonny White, Nitin has asserted himself as a prominent figure in Toronto's flourishing electronic music scene and its worldwide reach. The techno connoisseur has regularly brushed shoulders with massive artists like Audiofly, Damian Lazarus and Jamie Jones. Plus, he's no stranger to the festivals we know and love, like Ultra, WMC and BPM.

Fifteen years in the scene makes you pretty damn close to an expert in our books. So for this installment of NORTHMIX, let Nitin's expertise grace your headphones. Once referred to as "One of the most technically gifted DJ's around," we'll let you be the judge.

Listen above and see if Nitin is headed your way with full gig listings here.