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Ninja Tune to Release the Collaborative Max Graef & Glenn Astro Album We've All Been Waiting For

Fans of the pair's penchant for sample-heavy, dusty house grooves rejoice.
March 31, 2016, 2:20pm

The Berlin-based pair of Max Graef and Glenn Astro are pals for a good reason—together, often collaborating on their label(s) Tartelet and Money $ex Records, the two have been releasing some of the dustiest, jazziest, funkiest, and most hip-hop soaked house music around. While they both released extremely well-received albums on their own solo fronts—Graef's Rivers of The Red Planet in 2014 and Astro's Throwback a year later—the two are finally linking up for a collaborative album debut on none other than Ninja Tune Records.


Believe it or not, when we hosted a Ninja Tune Anniversary mix from the guys back in November of 2015, in tandem with their "Magic Johnson" single for the label and subsequent signing, we didn't quite read the tea leaves well enough to predict that this was a precursor to a forthcoming LP—we were just too busy shaking in our desk chairs to its sample-heavy next level grooves. So today's a good day for us, as not only do we have a release day (May 27) for their new collaborative album The Yard Work Simulator, but a new single from the full-length to hold us over for a little while. Check out the wonderfully titled "Where The Fuck Are My Hard Boiled Eggs?!" below.