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The Banff Centre Embraces Electronic Music with New Residency

The Alberta arts and culture institute will see performances by Uwe Schmidt, Robin Fox, Dasha Rush, and more.
Photo courtesy of The Banff Centre & Caroline Hayeur

The Banff Centre, an arts and education institute in Banff, Alberta, has extended their artist residency program this year to include electronic music with the Convergence Residency. Successful applicants are currently studying under a faculty made up of international experimental electronic artists, which includes Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom™, Atom Heart, or Señor Coconut), Robin Fox, Dasha Rush, Keith Fullerton Whitman, and Stanislav Glasov.


The program also includes performances by the guest faculty at Convergence Soirée, March 19 at the Eric Harvie Theatre, and club nights every Friday and Saturday at The Club. The residency and events were put together with help from former CBC Radio host and past MUTEK curator, Patti Schmidt.

"There was something like 80 applications, which is a really above-normal healthy amount," Schmidt recently told the Calgary Herald. "Usually you leave a wait list of 30 per cent of your applications because they decide they can't afford it or can't go, and we had a 100 per cent fill rate, which never happened."

The Convergence Residency continues until March 25. You can buy tickets for the Convergence Soirée here, and watch the trailer below.

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