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Zedd Comes "Alive" [THUMP Exclusive]

A video montage of breathtaking live Zedd footage set to his huge Empire of the Sun remix.

Zedd is undeniably one of the hottest artists working in the electronic realm today, with his "Clarity" single being certified platinum just mere days ago, an MTV VMA nomination in the Artist to Watch category, and a 26-stop Stateside tour launching August 28. It's also impossible to ignore his remix of "Alive" by Australian superstars Empire of the Sun. The track was released on Astralwerks on May 28 but continues to rock up the charts (buy it here).


A video for Zedd's remix hasn't been made so we cut together this montage of footage from our explosive THUMP Presents Up Next launch party in New York City, where Zedd played to thousands of screaming fans on Hudson River Park's Pier 84.

If you want to see how it was all made, then check out our behind-the-scenes footage, showing how THUMP came together with 1024 architecture and Pyrotecnico to create a bonanza of light and sound.