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THUMP Shorts: Guilty Pleasures

In the first episode of our new series, Cut Copy, Glitch Mob, Kitty Pryde, and the WEDIDIT crew get real about the songs they like to sing in the shower.

Guilty Pleasures—everyone has them. Whether it's that Gloria Estefan single you blast in the shower until your neighbor starts drilling through your sheetrock, the 80s anthem you crank cruising down the freeway at 2AM with the wind in your hair, or the emo tearjerker that pulls you out of the post-breakup blues year after year, they'll always be those tunes that will always be yours—even if it it means you have to listen to them in total secrecy in fear of public shaming.


For our first episode in our new THUMP Shorts series, we went deep at Sacramento music festival TBD and got THUMP faves like Cut Copy, Holy Ghost, Autograf, Groundislava, Wave Raver, and Kitty Pryde to open up about the classic tracks they play and continue to love regardless of what anybody else thinks. From Ricky Astley to Aqua, shit got guilty.