This story is over 5 years old.

UNiiQU3 and Saint Celebrate Just Being Yourself in the Club in Infectious New Video

The bi-coastal duo give their single "Yo (I'm Lit)" a fresh burst of life with this clip set all around Los Angeles.

Jersey club queen UNiiQU3 and "Tomboy" producer Saint have come together with a contagiously free-spirited new video for the effervescent 2015 single "Yo (I'm Lit)." Shot in Los Angeles with a totally DIY approach, the clip shows the artists and their friends—surprise—getting lit and letting loose simply for the sake of contagious, undeniable fun.

"We didn't have a budget so we had to get creative," explained UNiiQU3 to THUMP via email. "We literally traveled all around the city and linked with with our homies and got lit.. Filmed them.. It was cool. When I chant 'We Lit, can't nobody tell us SHXT' it's just about being yourself in the club. Dance like no one's watching type thing."

The Newark producer is currently traveling Europe and the UK on her "A UNIIQU3 Experience" tour, which will last until early June.