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Harrison's "Checkpoint Titanium" Video is a Gritty Tribute to Detroit's Fighting Spirit

Take a tour of the Motor City's boxing gyms in the Toronto producer's latest visual.
November 11, 2016, 3:47pm

After shooting music videos in the jungles of Jamaica and Ontario wilderness, Toronto producer Harrison has shared a new visual for the title track off his debut album Checkpoint Titanium, filmed in Detroit.

The intimate clip follows several boxers of varying ages, as they train and fight in the Motor City streets, gyms, and abandoned stadiums.

"At first listen the track was really interesting to me. It felt gritty and upbeat yet fun and airy," director Justin Singer told Mass Appeal. "I wanted the narrative to share in this sentiment. A sort of juxtaposition between the intense landscape of Detroit and the good things people are doing for the youth there."

Watch it above and listen to Harrison's recent THUMP Mix here.

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