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Disclosure's "Omen" Video Proves That Sam Smith Is Peak Bae

The most important thing about Disclosure's latest video is that Sam has entered full sex beast mode.

Disclosure just dropped their latest video, "Omen"—and of course, everyone, including our British counterparts at THUMP UK, is scratching at its surface like cats in the heat, trying to figure out what the eff is going on. (In case you need more evidence that the hype is real, "Omen" is already the #1 track on Twitter.) The cinematic video is the second in a four-part series directed by Ryan Hope, with the first being "Holding On." Together, they will form a short film called Caracal, the same name as their latest album. ("A caracal is an incredible wild cat that I became fascinated with while on tour last year," Howard told us about the title's inspiration.)


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This video is set in the same dystopian police state as the first. A woman with intense face tattoos sneaks into party in a sumptuous hall, where she brushes shoulders with Mariella, the septum-pierced protagonist who we first encountered in "Holding On." Decadent partying ensues. Glitter bombs fill the air. Spontaneous tattoos are given.

But most importantly… Sam Smith happens.

Standing against a pillar in the middle of the party, Sam looks like the dreamboat you've been waiting your whole life to lock eyes with:

He's just standing there, sultrily emoting:

Dress shirt strategically unbuttoned…

Giving us that Balenciaga co-signed pout…

Sure, he's always been cute. But this video marks Sam entering full panty (or boxer!)-dropping, sex beast mode.

Aaaaand yeah, he fucking knows it.

Anyway, stay tuned for parts three and four, which will surely deliver more twists, turns, and tattoos. And if you're on either coasts of the United States, don't forget to catch Disclosure when they perform at Memorial Sports Arena in LA on September 29, and Madison Square Garden in New York on October 24.

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