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Stop Everything and Listen to Rustie's Surprise Album, 'EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE'

All 15 tracks are streaming now via Spotify.

Rustie has dropped a surprise album. The Glasgow producer casually announced the LP on Twitter yesterday with a link to the album cut "Peace Upzzz," and today the whole thing is available to stream on Spotify. EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE is already being hailed as something of a return to form for Rustie, whose last full-length, Green Language, received markedly mixed reviews. Rustie himself told FACT that he was "getting pulled in two directions" while making Green Language, making it difficult to decide between chart-grabbing singles or more "avant-garde, arty" material.


This new LP for Warp Records has all of the Rustie hallmarks: squealing, pitch-shifted vocals, trappin' hi-hats, and cartoonishly large, sparkling synthesizers. This one, however, is a bit rougher around the edges than usual, with gauzier textures and an extra layer of fuzz on the drums. Even the album cover is lo-fi—an edited iPhone photo the producer took while looking out of his window. Regarding the title, he told FACT, "It's kinda for people who're totally unspiritual. Even if you don't believe in anything, just the fact that we exist and there's existence, that's enough in itself to be amazing." Stream it below.