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Take an Interstellar Late Night Swim with Roberto's "Lunar Waves"

Hear the title track from the Toronto DJ and producer's forthcoming EP on London's No Bad Days.
October 19, 2016, 8:10pm
Courtesy of artist

Known affectionately by many in Toronto's house and disco scene as "Uncle Roberto," DJ, producer, and proud cat owner Roberto (aka Robert Steekamer) has been a staple of the city's underground community for over 20 years, deservedly earning a reputation amongst heads and partygoers alike as a selector with weight and no shortage of fire tracks.

In the past year, the artist has enjoyed a breakthrough internationally, with a string of well-received heaters on labels including NYC's Good Timin', Berlin's Red Motorbike, and now, London's No Bad Days. Lunar Waves is the imprint's sophomore release, and Roberto shows he's not hitting a slump any time soon, delivering four tracks of smooth and shimmering Balearic house grooves.

Though the eponymous title cut packs a bit more attitude than the rest of the EP, it still glistens with the same sunset vibes evident throughout. "Lunar Waves" begins with bassy acid lines before soothing pads come into the equation. As the song grows in momentum, the pads grow increasingly more euphoric, before arpeggiated bleeps and bloops and a closing ripper of a synth solo show up to add some spice.

"My process for 'Lunar Waves' and for pretty much the whole EP, was just to try and do something really melodic and smooth that could still hold up in a club setting," Steekamer tells THUMP. "I've always loved that juxtaposition of having kinda mellow keys over tough drums."

Listen to it below and pre-order the EP before it comes out Nov. 28 here.

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