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Time Travel Back to the 80s and Put Black Marble’s “Frisk” on Your Car Stereo

The track is part of Chris Stewart’s forthcoming album ‘It’s Immaterial’
Photo by Joseph Jagos

Popular adage says you need to know where you've been in order to know where you're going, but sometimes you just want to take a page out of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and wipe your memory of certain things in order to move forward.

Black Marble's Chris Stewart finds himself in a similar period of in-between in his new album It's Immaterial, forthcoming October 14 via Ghostly International. According to the official website, the album was recorded following Stewart's relocation from the East Coast to the West Coast.

"It's a lot of psychic turmoil about time, place, and the dissatisfaction that comes with being young and not having control over place, or being old and not having control over time," he says of the album on the website. "The record is filled with characters trying to convince themselves, and others, to change or to see things differently or to come along with them somewhere. It's that moment of wanting between knowing and doing but frozen in time."

This week, Stewart shared the newest track off the album, "Frisk," which bops along with the deliciously nostalgic 80s synths that have come to the forefront thanks to Netflix hit series Stranger Things. Though it may not possess the dark eeriness of the show's theme, the melancholic track isn't too hard to imagine as something that some of its characters would listen to, be it Jonathan on his radio, or Nancy and Steve in the car on the way to wherever their next date is. Listen to it below.