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My First Club: Kenny Glasgow

The ex-Art Department man talks warehouse raves and crate carrying.

My First Club takes us back to the beginning, transporting DJs and producers back into the depths of their memory, asking them to take us on a trip to those pivotal first nights in clubland. Following entries from the likes of Michael Mayer, Herve,MK,Slimzee, and Hudson Mohawke_, _we caught up with former Art Department man Kenny Glasgow.

So my first real, memorable party experience, was way back when I was a newbie party kid. This was before my DJing days, and it wasn't in a club. It was in an old abandoned warehouse space in the heart of downtown Toronto, broken into by the promoter. This would be the first time I would sneak out of my mother's apartment at 2am, take the public transit, which runs all night, down Young St, and find myself at my first illegal after hours party. I was dancing and listening to DJs I'd never really heard of, playing the most obscure and underground house and disco records you could find at that time.

It was at that party, when i decided, "man, I really wanna do this!" And when I say do this, I mean play records to like minded individuals who cared about the quality of the music they listened to. So I did the most logical thing to do, which was find out who the DJs were, where I could find the music they were playing and how I could find out about when and where the next party would be. A friend of theirs, helping them pack up, pulled me aside and told me their names, and also told me that they both worked in a record store— and that was where they got most of their records, as well as being where I could find out when and where the next party will be. A week later I followed up on my leads, became the DJ's record crate/recycling blue box carrier for a lot of parties, and 6 to 7 months later was promoted to opening DJ. The rest is history.

Kenny Glasgow's new single "In Too Deep" is out on No.19 Music now.

His forthcoming album Circus Tales is due in the spring.