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Cosmic Gate Wants You To ‘Start To Feel’

The legendary trance duo shares their secret on producing constant hits.
August 20, 2014, 11:15pm

The German duo comprised of Claus Terhoeven and Stefan Bossems (also known as Nic Chagall and DJ Bossi) have made a big name for themselves as Cosmic Gate. In North America they are known as one of the most prominent trance acts in this style of dance music, releasing albums with hit singles consistently throughout the years.

"We won't stop working on a track until we really feel it," says Chagall. This attitude has given them recognition for tracks such as "Fire Wire," "Exploration of Space," "Be Your Sound" and "Flying Blind." Chagall continued, "we don't test unreleased tracks too often; it's risky to do it right now when everyone has a camera and can upload it on YouTube. Although it can be great for promotion we want the track to be a surprise and something totally new."


Their strategic approach helps them produce perfect results that destroy dance floors across the world. "Sometimes it works when the changes don't matter that much, but if it's out too early then everyone could get their hands on it. If someone makes copies of it then your whole plan is damaged," Bossi added.

Their new album Start To Feel continues to deliver uplifting emotions with notable collaborations such as Orjan Nilsen and Eric Lumiere. Cosmic Gate has a strong relationship with Nilsen, always hanging out when they're within proximity while on tour. "We've known him for a long time. He's funny and quite a character so we get along with him very well," Chagall explains. In the scene, artists love to talk about plans without any managers involved as they can realize their ideas much faster. "When you hang out with DJs you always talk about the 'what if' situations and always say 'it would be cool if we did something together.' We then started to send work to each other back and forth, and it all just happened," Bossi states.

Start To Feel was their first album release under their new Armada Music imprint, Wake Your Mind Records. The label is still relatively new and their plan is to push music they fall in love with. "We want to be open-minded with it by not pushing the same sound over and over. Whatever we love, we want to put out on this label," Chagall explains.

The duo has also been collaborating with Eric Lumiere extensively over the past month.


"A while back in 2007 I met Eric when I did a remix for his track with Filo & Peri, "Anthem," and I loved his voice. I don't know why it took us so long to work together, but we looked back into our music library and were like 'wow let's contact that guy' and luckily he was down for it," said Chagall.

The album has also been the reason behind their first ever North American bus tour which we saw come through Canadian cities Toronto and Montreal, ending off at Echo Stage in Washington, DC.

Photo courtesy of Doug Van Sant

"For the most part I love it, you can just chill out. There is no security to be dealt with at airports or anything like that. Also when you're done your show you can leave right after. In a plane you're alone in your seat, but on the bus you can have a bunch of people together, it's nice," Chagall explains. "We prefer it over air travel," added Bossi.

Canada has always been important to these guys. They've been coming here since the early stages of their careers and have covered a lot of ground: Small underground venues, festivals and the legendary Guvernment complex. They will always remember the sweat that drips from ceiling when the club gets too crazy and of course, the fans who always welcomed them with open arms.

Photo courtesy of Visualbass

When asked about the closing of the Guvernment, Bossi was not hesitant to respond. "The scene [in Canada] has always been strong, especially at the Guvernment and we're simply very sad to see it go. It's definitely one of the strongest clubs in Canada. The modern technology with the lights, production and the sweat dripping from the ceiling, it's unbelievable! We hope a new venue that will be just as nice is found. We will never forget this club."

Cosmic Gate follows Ani on Twitter and so should you: @AniHajderaj.

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