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Botany Releases New Album on Western Vinyl, 'Deepak Verbera'

The Texas producer's third record is out today.
Photo of Botany by Michael Muller

If you prefer to fill your weekends with less raging club nights and more yoga meditative sessions, Botany's new album Deepak Verbera comes at the perfect time.

The Austin-based producer born Spencer Stephenson is released his third album today on Western Vinyl. Boasting ten tracks of wind-swept, ambient soundscapes with hints of free jazz, Deepak Verbera altogether blends into one long, beatless epic made for closed eyes, deep breathing, and achieving zen.

According to a press release, the album was an attempt to recreate the lost audio recordings of Horris E. Campos, who "during the 1970's and 80's claimed to have contacted entities made of light that transmitted information to him through vibratory tones, which he then emulated on tape using various overdubbed musical instruments."

Listen to Botany's Deepak Verbera album below or over on Bandcamp.

Last year, we profiled THUMP about his previous album, Dimming Awe, The Light is Raw, and his role in Austin's growing psych-dance scene.