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Frank Ocean Confirms Wolfgang Tillmans Took Him to Berghain

Ocean drove 12 hours to go to the club with Tillmans.
August 20, 2016, 3:35pm
Frank Ocean photo from Endless/Wolfgang Tillmans photo by Stuart Mentiply/Wikimedia Commons

Update [August 20, 9:27 PM CST]: On Saturday night, Frank Ocean dropped his highly-anticipated third studio album, Blond. As part of the rollout, Ocean also posted a long essay to his Tumblr. In the essay, Ocean details his obsession with cars and how that played into the creation of the album.

In a brief sentence toward the end, Ocean confirmed his trip to Berghain that Wolfgang Tillmans first mentioned in an interview with Pitchfork, referring to "Stopping in Berlin to witness Berghain for myself." Read the entire essay here.


The mystery behind Frank Ocean's recently-released visual album, Endless, continues to unfurl with another piece of the puzzle revealed. In an Instagram post, Tillmans revealed that his track, "Device Control," was the closing song on Ocean's Endless.

"Three weeks ago I showed him a few songs, which I had written and produced for myself earlier in the year, and he replied 'Device Control is brilliant. Love. Can I sample it for the intro of my album?'," Tillman wrote. "I agreed to it, and to my excited surprise this morning he didn't just sample it. He released my complete original track as the end of this amazing album. So now it's out - and in full length."

Parts of "Device Control" were also incorporated into the album's opening track.

But how did the two connect in the first place? According to Tillmans, after Ocean repeatedly canceled on a scheduled photoshoot with Tillmans for Fantastic Man magazine in London last year, Ocean drove 12 hours to meet Tillmans in Berlin.

"He seemed so well-considered and sharp, yet open to what would happen on the day," Tillmans told Pitchfork about their photoshoot. That photoshoot eventually led to a night of clubbing for the two.

"He asked about going to [iconic Berlin club] Berghain, but it wasn't open. He said he might come back on the weekend for it, and drove back to London. Two days later, he indeed showed up again and we went clubbing."

Ocean is reportedly set to release another full-length album this weekend. A video for "Nikes," the first single from that release, dropped last night.