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Frosted Flakes-Flavored Beer Is the Ultimate Millennial Drink

Oregon-based breweries Montavilla Brew Works and Coin Toss Brewing have created an IPA from the sugary kids cereal.
September 19, 2016, 1:00pm

Remember that time researchers found that Millennials don't want to eat cereal for breakfast anymore because they just can't deal with washing up the bowl after?

Well, two Oregon-based breweries may have found a solution to both Generation Y's need for Cheerios and aversion to doing the dishes. What's more, it involves alcohol.

This weekend, the Montavilla Brew Works in Portland and Coin Toss Brewing in Oregon City launched a beer infused with Frosted Flakes.


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Christened "Catch a Tiger" in reference to Frosted Flakes mascot Tony the Tiger, the IPA is described in a press release from the breweries as having a "bitter bite with aromas of citrus, pine, and orange marmalade."

Sounds grrreat.

To make the ten limited edition barrels of the beer for grown-ups who don't want to grow up, the brewers mashed 25 pounds (around 11 kilograms) of Frosted Flakes cereal with pilsner malt and five other specialty grains.

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They're not the first to weigh in on the breakfast alcohol game, though. San Francisco bartender Jacques Bezuidenhout has been experimenting with Cocoa Puffs in negronis and one school in Zimbabwe had to ban cereals from the dining room after school kids were found to be turning their morning oats into beer.

Alright, Millennials. We'll let you have your novelty cereal-flavoured craft beer. Just keep in mind the sage words of Mark from Peep Show: "Frosties are just Cornflakes for people who can't face reality."