Kiss Your Hangover Goodbye with This Heavenly Sandwich


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Kiss Your Hangover Goodbye with This Heavenly Sandwich

Feeling wretched from last night's mistakes? Do not abandon all hope. This sandwich will bring you back from the depths of hangover hell.
Photo by Matt Zuras

Photo by Matt Zuras

Every bartender worth his bitters has a favourite hangover cure—when you spend half your waking hours dishing out liquid headaches, you better know how to mix up a solution to the problem you helped create.

Of course there are the classics: Bloody Marys, micheladas, and—one of our personal favourites—this simple old-school elixir from chef Fergus Henderson. But award-winning bartender Anthony Bohlinger prefers his medicine to be stacked, not stirred, so he created this mound of protein, veggies, and carbs.


RECIPE: Ultimate Hangover Sandwich

With eight slices of salami, four slices each of honey ham and turkey, a couple of eggs, and fresh mozz sandwiched between thick Tuscan bread brushed with garlic-and-herb-seasoned butter, this bad boy has just enough grease to soak up the previous night's mistakes. But it's also got a bit of arugula and red pepper so you can feel like you're doing something healthy for your body.

The brilliance of this sandwich is that it's not just about putting food into your gut. As Anthony says, the meticulous process helps pass the time and provides a distraction for the crippling pain:"Having to make the sandwich basically gives me a reason to live during times like those and keeps me going."

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And you're bound to sleep off whatever discomfort is left after this grease bomb puts you into a food coma.