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A Brooklyn Bar Will Give You Free Booze If You Cut Off Your Man Bun

Though as of January 3 no one had taken up the offer, North said that if anyone did, the bar would film the impromptu haircut.
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The man bun—which, as you likely know, is the popular colloquial term for a topknot on a male human—was quick to become one of the most ridiculed hairstyles in memory when it emerged a few years back. Often paired with heavy sweaters or henley shirts (or shirts that otherwise have an unusually wide neckline), the man bun is for the guy in your life who views himself as both gruff and fashion-forward.


One Brooklyn bar has such strong feelings about the look that hopes to make it a thing of the past by helping man-bun-owners transition to a different hairstyle in 2017. To achieve this, Bushwick's Boobie Trap is offering a "full bottle of booze" to anyone who will cut off their man bun in the bar.

Speaking to Brokelyn, Boobie Trap co-owner Kristen North said, "I don't think they're cute and just think I've seen way too many of them last season and want to help along a new style sensation." Though as of January 3 no one had taken up the offer, North said that if anyone did, the bar would film the impromptu haircut.

So, what do the bunned men of the world think of the policy?

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Sam Lemonick is a journalist and has a man bun, and he thinks the world has been tough for those who choose the progressive hairstyle.

"I do think society has stigmatized the man bun, but I also think we deserve it," Lemonick told MUNCHIES. "I guess I'm a self hating man bun… man."

When asked if he'd cut off his statement hair in exchange for booze, he asked, reasonably, "How much booze?" A free beer wouldn't be enough, but he said he'd "do it for free drinks all night."

Fellow man-bun-wearer Brett Veerhusen adds, "I'd listen to my mom or fiancé, but I'd never be desperate enough to listen to a bar and cut off my mun. But it's clearly a valiant effort to garner media attention, bravo!


"There's a strange public affinity and disdain with the man bun, which doesn't bother me one way or another. Embrace the way you look and if you're willing to cut your hair off just for a free Moscow Mule, then that's your prerogative."

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Jim Watkins, the owner of Sociable Cider Werks in Minneapolis, had a man bun until a couple of months ago when he "did a TV spot and saw myself on screen."

"Looked like a total dirtbag," he told MUNCHIES, though he admits he was closer to ponytail territory at the time. "My wife and mother had been telling me that for a year. Took the small screen to wake me up.

"People hating on the bun bad," he added.

Watkins thought a single beer would be a bit light, but anything would have appreciated. "I mean, I did it for zero compensation, so yeah, a return would have been sweet," he said.

Boobie Trap declined to comment on the man bun special, but added they "are in the business of getting people drunk" and that the special was meant to be silly. The bar is known for its irreverent attitude.

As far as we know, the special is still on, so if you're looking for a way to shed your shame and score free booze out of it, Boobie Trap could your savior. Happy man bun-less new year.