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Guy Fieri Had a Glorious Weekend Partying at Coachella

Everybody’s favorite in-your-face Food Network superstar, Guy Fieri, was spotted this weekend at Coachella.
Photo via Flickr user Kiki Maraschino

Imagine this: You and your roving band of psychedelic raconteurs—who just so happen to have an uncanny resemblance to the cast of Cool as Ice—are exploring the subtle nuances of not being able to feel one's face during a Sufjan Stevens set. All of a sudden, you are struck in the back of the head by a rogue box of Lean Cuisine majestically soaring through the desert air like a bat out of hell. Lying facedown next to a puddle of Mountain Dew and discarded glow sticks, you begin to stand up again when you see a celestial glow emitting from some frosted tips… followed swiftly by a spray of Donkey Sauce to the face.


Welcome to Coachella 2016. Sort of.

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The sad tale depicted above might not have actually happened, but it sure as hell was the first thing to come to mind after we learned that everybody's favorite in-your-face Food Network superstar, Guy Fieri, was spotted this weekend at Coachella.

The now iconic annual music festival is well known for bringing together some of America's greatest A-listers, but they all paled in comparison to the highly polarizing creator of trash can nachos.

Despite not appearing on this year's lineup of chefs and food vendors, Guy Fieri (along with his son Hunter) deemed the festivalgoers worthy of his presence. Although we weren't blessed with pictures of Guy devouring a ganja goo ball off of the swarthy stomach of some retired Deadhead, we did get pictures of the star and his son next to the likes of Ice Cube and G-Eazy.

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So, what bands did Guy and Hunter manage to catch? There hasn't been any word on the subject so far, but they did Instragram a photo of the pair at the Guns and Roses set, which Guy deemed was "on fire!!!!"

Talk about one wild festival. Let just keep our fingers crossed that Guy's serotonin levels haven't crashed too hard in the wake of all that partying.