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Turning Old Televisions Into Art

Berlin-based artist "Stephan Tillmans": has made "the process of turning off televisions": into "an art form...


Berlin-based artist Stephan Tillmans has made the process of turning off televisions into an art form. By capturing these older cathode ray tube based monitors the moment they shut off, Tilmmans is able to capture what is essentially a visual fingerprint. He calls it “Leuchtpunktordnungen.”

“The television picture is no longer visible — instead, a structure of light, which in a fraction of a second, disappears in the picture tube and collapses,” Tillmans explains on his personal website. (Roughly translated from German with the help of Google.) “The TV image is abstracted in this process and reduced to its essential element: the light.”


Tillmans’ gallery will be displayed in Stuttgart Thursday, March 24, before it later moves to Washington, D.C.’s Goethe Institute in June.

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