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Hot Links: The Army's Fear Pills, Insider Trading is Legal, Bradley Manning

"Bradley Manning's trial": is underway, and the twists are coming in hot. First, military...
December 20, 2011, 3:30pm

Bradley Manning’s trial is underway, and the twists are coming in hot. First, military documents were found on his computer, but they don’t match the ones leaked by WikiLeaks, which could spring him free. Also discovered: chat logs between him and Julian Assange.

The Army is developing drugs to eliminate fear-inducing memories for soldiers suffering from PTSD. Why don’t they just use MDMA?

It’s quite possible the Army developed its anti-fear pills just to convince soldiers to eat sandwiches that stay good for two years.

File under ‘cute’, ‘creepy’: A whole series of photos of gamers’ real life faces next to their avatars.

We’re all paupers: Insider trading is legal if you can get access to Congress.

Screw revolution, Chinese microblogging sites are also being used for porn. Are you even surprised?

Space superlatives: last week astronomers found both the largest and smallest black holes ever discovered.

Norwegian authorities busting butter smugglers.

An inside look at how textbook designers turn science into something that isn’t just for nerds.