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Pacman Jones Lays Down A String of Profanities in Post-Game Instagram Rant About the Ref, Coach Joey Porter

He has a bit of a point here.

from Pacman Jones's Instagram… (NSFW)
— Kenny Ducey (@KennyDucey) January 10, 2016

You need two kinds of earmuffs to take in this rant from Cincinnati Bengal Adam "Pacman" Jones—one for the peaked-out, loud-ass volume, and the other for the string of potty words that litters out of his mouth.

In last night's AFC wild-card game, Jones went into the on-field mix to shove Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coach Joey Porter right in front of (or, arguably, through) the officials, and picked up an unsportsmanlike conduct that would help the Steelers position themselves for a game-winning field goal. Shortly after the incident, Jones went to Instagram (later deleted, but recorded by Kenny Ducey above) to rattle off this curse-laden rant that would make even Bobby Knight blush.

Amidst this cloud of blue coming out of Jones' mouth, there is some reason to be parsed out. Jones has a point: what the hell was Joey Porter doing on the field after a play? Sure, you could say that a defensive coach has no business being there—especially while mixed up with opposing players. But given the fact that Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict had just speared Antonio Brown with a late helmet-to-helmet hit, causing Brown to go into the fencing position, you might expect a coach to be, well, at least a bit concerned. It's not clear whether or not Porter exchanged words with the Bengals players around him, but it's obvious that his presence caused a stir.

After airing enough grievance, Jones posted again to let us know he calmed down, but held firm to his beliefs:

Regardless of whether or not Porter belonged there, it's obvious that Jones shouldn't have come out of the blue to shove him. While Jones may have a case against Porter's presence on the field, he should probably leave the refs out of this. They were literally doing their job.