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NFL Determines Peyton Manning Did Not Use HGH or Any Other PEDs

The NFL "found no credible evidence" of Manning using HGH or any other PEDs.

After a seven-month investigation, NFL has determined that Peyton Manning did not use HGH nor any other PED, sources told ESPN.
— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) July 25, 2016

After a seven-month investigation into claims that retired Denver Bronco Peyton Manning used performance-enhancing drugs, the NFL "found no credible evidence" that Manning ever used human growth hormones or other PEDs banned by the league.


The investigation included interviews with Manning and his wife, Ashley, laboratory analysis, and a review of medical records by a team of legal, security, and medical consultants.

Here's the NFL's statement:

Here is NFL statement on Peyton Manning being cleared in PED investigation. @DenverChannel
— Lionel Bienvenu (@lionelbienvenu) July 25, 2016

The investigation into Manning stemmed from a controversial documentary by Al Jazeera, for which an intern at an Indianapolis anti-aging clinic was recorded without his knowledge suggesting that Ashley Manning received shipments of HGH. The intern, Charles Sly, later recanted his accusations.

The allegations—which couldn't have come at a more damaging time for Manning's legacy, as they rolled out prior to his Super Bowl 50 victory—might now finally come to rest. As Manning said of the accusations prior to the Super Bowl, "It's garbage from the first day it came out and still garbage today."