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Conor McGregor: "I AM NOT RETIRED"

McGregor announced on Facebook why he did what he did and confirmed that he is not retiring.

In a lengthy and somewhat rambling post to his Facebook account, Conor McGregor has put to rest all of the retirement talk he started, emphatically and in all caps: "I AM NOT RETIRED." In the post, McGregor confirmed what Dana White said yesterday, that he is not interested in promoting his upcoming fight at UFC 200, or at least not interested in promoting it to the extent White and the UFC required. "I can not dance for you this time," he said.


More, from his statement:

But I need to focus on me now.
I'm coming for my revenge here.
I flew an entire team to Portugal and to Iceland to make my adjustments in preparation and fix my errors I made with the weight and the cardio prep.
With the right adjustments and the right focus, I will finish what I started in that last fight.
I will not do this if I am back on the road handing out flyers again.
I will always play the game and play it better than anybody, but just for this one, where I am coming off a loss, I asked for some leeway where I can just train and focus. I did not shut down all media requests. I simply wanted a slight adjustment.
But it was denied.
There had been 10 million dollars allocated for the promotion of this event is what they told me.
So as a gesture of good will, I went and not only saved that 10 million dollars in promotion money, I then went and tripled it for them.
And all with one tweet.
Keep that 10 mill to promote the other bums that need it. My shows are good.
I must isolate myself now.

McGregor began the post saying he is just doing his job, that he's paid to fight and "not yet paid to promote." He also said he is still ready to fight at UFC 200, but appears to be sticking to his guns about not wanting to promote the fight. He won't completely skip out on promoting, he said he will appear in New York for the main promotion event as already scheduled but "[i]f this is not enough or they feel I have not deserved to sit this promotion run out this one time, well then I don't know what to say."

While the news of the day will be that McGregor has announced he's not retired, he did make some crass statements about dealing with low level reporters:

Sitting in a car on the way to some dump in Conneticut or somewhere, to speak to Tim and Suzie on the nobody gives a fuck morning show did not get me this life.
Talking to some lady that deep down doesn't give a fuck about what I'm doing, but just wants some sound bites so she can maybe get her little tight ass a nice raise, and I'm cool with that too, I've been giving you all raises.

The ball now appears to be in Dana White's hands and if he does decide to let McGregor slide on promoting the fight, he might want to at least take control away from his social media accounts. If White holds firm, it sounds like Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar will fight for his vacated belt.