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Candid Photos of Russell Wilson and Ciara not Having Sex on Beach Vacation!

Russell Wilson and Ciara go on a beach vacation.

The Seahawks had their bye week this weekend, which presented the perfect opportunity for Russell Wilson and his girlfriend Ciara to take a mini vacation down in Mexico. Unfortunately the prying eye of the paparazzi is never far behind, and so their private moments were memorialized in the photographs you see here. Above, you can see the couple luxuriating on a rock, while not having sex with each other. Just a beautiful private moment between two sexy celebs who are abstaining from sex because of a message from God that Wilson received via talking mirror in a dream.

And below, we have a gorgeous photo snapped at the magic hour—though this is definitely not where the magic happens ;-) according to the man (??) speaking from a reflective pane of glass—of the couple riding a pair of horses, under the caption "Love and Happiness." Presumably because those are the horses' names.

Anyway, it's a shame these two aren't having any sex with each other on the beach.

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