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National Bobblehead Day Yields Mixed Results

Are you a "yes" bobbler or a "no" bobbler?

Happy #NationalBobbleheadDay from the only one that matters.
— VICE Sports (@VICESports) January 7, 2016

Holidays are a farce. No, this is not a declaration of warfare against Christmas. I'm talking about the process by which some random, inane person, place, or thing gets its own day assigned to it. Marketplace reported that it's not all that hard—many organizations just say that it's _____ day, and, voila!, it's a holiday. Easy. That's a whopping 1/365th of all existence dedicated to whatever, people. And now, bobbleheads have been given their own sizable chunk of time.


This year marks the second annual celebration of National Bobblehead Day, according to the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum. The internet, as it does, took hold of the #NationalBobbleheadDay hashtag with aplomb.

There was Salvadore Pérez with the combination nyuh-huh head nod and shake move, sending you all kinds of mixed messages.

No. Really. It's #NationalBobbleheadDay.
— MLB (@MLB) January 7, 2016

The Warriors flexed their insane cash reserves with a larger-than-life huge-headed Klay.

Celebrating #NationalBobbleheadDay with a look at the making of the @KlayThompson and Rocco Bobblehead.
— GoldenStateWarriors (@warriors) January 7, 2016

The Dodgers challenged fans to show off their bobblehead collections, which yielded some dude who keeps bobbleheads the way Batman stashes his batsuit.

@Dodgers @ClaytonKersh22 @HyunJinRyu99 @YasielPuig all 80 dodger stadium giveaways in order from 2001-2015
— Davis (@zdlr187) January 7, 2016

On the other end of the cool spectrum, the Charleston RiverDogs, the Yankees' Class-A affiliate, saw this as a chance to remind everyone of this past summer's "bobble boobs" giveaway: a headless, armless pair of boobs to literally objectify (for "breast cancer awareness"). Good god, y'all.

Eyes up here, it's #NationalBobbleheadDay
— Charleston RiverDogs (@ChasRiverDogs) January 7, 2016


In a slightly less cynical move, the 76ers made a Vine with the last three guys in Philly to get excited for a 76ers game. (Dr. J looks a little stiff.)

So you guys excited for tonight's game? #NationalBobbleHeadDay
— Philadelphia 76ers (@Sixers) January 7, 2016

MLL put together a human bobblehead:

It's #NationalBobbleheadDay and looks like @RobPannell3 wanted in on the fun!
— MajorLeague Lacrosse (@MLL_Lacrosse) January 7, 2016

In perhaps the most dedicated gesture to the holiday, though, the Orioles put together a 50-second video clip, seemingly modeled after Always Sunny in Philadelphia—a bizarre choice for a team from Baltimore.

Even the bobbleheads stay busy in the offseason. #OpeningDay will be here before you know it! #NationalBobbleheadDay
— Baltimore Orioles (@Orioles) January 7, 2016

Nothing like some Charlie Brown-proportioned ceramics to stir up PR offices around the country.