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Cam Newton Is Enjoying Being on Top of the World, Dabbing Wherever the Hell He Wants

Cam Newton is having fun. The lady behind him? Not so much.

.@Panthers @CameronNewton dabbing on the Hornets sideline is EVERYTHING.
— Charlotte Hornets (@hornets) November 28, 2015

Fresh off another Panthers win, this time a Thanksgiving steamrolling of the Dallas Cowboys, Cam Newton showed some civic pride and took in the Hornets-Cavs game last night in Charlotte. LeBron and Co. won 95-90, but Cam remains undefeated and dabbed a little dab from his courtside seats. Obviously no one is enjoying themselves as much as Cam Newton is right now, but most people enjoyed the show.

Almost everyone shown on the video is either laughing or dancing or laughing and dancing. Even head coach Ron Rivera is out there having a grand old time. The only person who didn't seem to be having fun was the lady sitting directly behind Cam, who was not having any of it. She was not having even a little bit of it.

That is one helluva side-eye. Gotta respect it.