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Rick Carlisle Tapes His Mouth Shut When Asked About Officiating

Not wanting to risk another fine for criticizing NBA referees, Rick Carlisle taped his mouth shut when asked about the officiating in Game 4.

After losing to the Rockets 130-128 in Game 3 Friday night, Rick Carlisle criticized the officiating for allowing the series to get too physical. He specifically referenced a play in the game where Dwight Howard and Devin Harris were tracking down a rebound and Harris wound up on the bench after Howard pushed him out of the way, adding "That stuff's got to stop. The officials got to get that stuff under control, because there's too much physical stuff going on. Howard is throwing people all over the place, and that can't happen in Game 4." It earned him a $25,000 fine.

After avoiding a sweep at home with a 121-109 win over the Rockets in Game 4 last night, Carlisle was asked about the physical nature of the game again and, while he might have had some thoughts on the matter, he was not willing to get into a $50,000 hole to the NBA, so he taped his mouth shut.

h/t SI