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Little Claymation Iron Reagan Dudes Provoke Local Community in “Fuck the Neighbors” Video

“Fuck your yard.”

Rowdy metal dudes Iron Reagan released their third studio album Crossover Ministry last week. It's big and fun and loud and it makes you want to burn things or punch things or just run around or do something mildly illegal just for the fun of it. Municipal Waste frontman Tony Foresta basically bellows at you to do Bad Things for an hour while longtime bandmate Landphil enacts delightful violence on four strings in the background. It rules. Listen to it here.


Today, Iron Reagan turned themselves into tiny little metal claymation dudes and released the video for "Fuck the Neighbors." It takes a decidedly pro-fucking-with-things, anti-yard stance that annoys the straight-laced claymation dude nextdoor. But fuck the neighbors. Fuck your yard. DO BAD THINGS.

First, watch the video below.

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