Just Watch Maren Morris and Alicia Keys Destroy The Grammys

Performing their duet, " Once."
February 13, 2017, 3:08am

One of the most deflating things about the Grammys, this 59th edition in particular, is its host's insistence on the historic moment that we're about to witness. Maren Morris and Alicia Keys's duet on "Once" tonight was billed just like that. And it was fucking perfect from start to finish. Morris opened the track up on a lavish stage draped in chandeliers and art deco flourishes; a full band and a mini-orchestra sat in the background. Keys, who is consistently captivating, sauntered on with flawless harmonies, and for just a moment or two, these Grammys felt utterly essential.


Watch the full performance below.

Image via Twitter.

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