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Cry Your Eyes Out to This Dreamy, Anti-Valentine's Blondie Cover

Anglo-French band Tiger Lion make "Heart of Glass" come over all breathy and morose.

You always remember the first Valentine's Day that didn't make you feel like trash. There were the early ones, when you and your friends would make each other trinkets and cards, and present them to each other in class. It was all platonic, really, but still a proclamation of an entry-level understanding of love: the progression from a "hi, will you be my friend?" on the playground to running alongside each other about seven minutes later, giggling.


Then there were the people you actually did fancy. The primary-school crushes, who you communicated with using notes exchanged under desks or one of your friends as a proxy, sent marching across the playground to relay the information that "yes, they think you're lovely". By puberty, Valentine's Day had picked up the added weight of a stress and a worry: 'what if no one asks me to be their Valentine this year?' By secondary school and beyond, you'd come to understand that the day was wrought with either gooey sweetness or the rumbling echo of your sex-less loneliness.

With that in mind, here's a song that celebrates that anti-Valentine's feeling you pick up when you hit your twenties, start shagging around and screaming "money over everything" – or whichever catchphrase best encapsulates the fact that you are just fine on your own. Tiger Lion are a London-by-way-of-France dream-pop group, fronted by singer-songwriter and bassist Clémentine Blue. She and her band – completed by guitarist Geoffrey Papin and drummer Dan Breaden – have covered Blondie's "Heart of Glass", in a breathy sad-girl tribute that rides over crunching guitars like an ocean swell.

"We heard 'Heart Of Glass' just before dawn at in a club in Paris," Clémentine tells us, remembering how their cover came to be. "It's a song I've known all my life but the sad lyrics went round and round in my head on the walk home, and we jammed a Valium version of it when we got it in". She channeled her "nonchalant inner Parisian girl, singing very quietly through a mic with the gain on maximum, during a dark winter morning".

Clémentine's grown up knowing that the rest of world consider her and her countrymen romance experts. But Valentine's Day, and all the fanfare around it, don't necessarily feel that natural. "Parisian people aren't necessarily romantic but the city itself is definitely romantic," she says. "I am obsessed with romanticism in art and it guides my emotions when I write. Maybe that makes me a romantic person? But I still hate the concept of having one cheesy day of love out of 365."

If February 14 is one of those days that makes you feel more morose than madly in love, get into Tiger Lion's "Heart of Glass" cover in advance, and scroll down for the band's upcoming UK and France tour dates.

Tiger Lion live:
Feb 18 – Paper Dress Vintage, London)
Mar 1  – The Good Ship, London)
Mar 27 – The Finsbury, London)
14 April – Le Penny Lane – Rennes (France)
15 April – Les Boissons Rouges – Segré (France)