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Breakneck Dubai Timelapse Effortlessly Blends Night and Day

A unique view of the desert mega-city emerges in 'Dubai Day and Night' by Christopher Gelep.

With its iconic skyline and steady gaze toward the future, it's no wonder that Dubai inspires photographers, filmmakers, and architects alike. Photographer Christoph Gelep was inspired by the burgeoning future-city to create Dubai Day and Night, which opens with a cool layer lapse-like collage of skyscrapers at different times of day (and night), creating a music equalizer-type effect. After the buildings light up in time to the MitiS track in the background, Gelep takes you on a hyperlapse tour of the city's rooftops, train tunnels, and waterways, culminating in a dazzling fireworks display. Not bad, considering that Gelep claims it's his first timelapse ever.


Check out a few of our favorite moments from Dubai Day and Night below.

See more of Christoph Gelep's work on his website.


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