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Trip Through Tokyo in Rone's Super-Psychedelic Music Video for "Acid Reflux"

The moral of the story? Don't eat bad sushi.
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Radioactive sushi turns your average laser surgery recovery into a trip to remember in Rone's new music video. Directed by Ilan Cohen and Boris Levy, “Acid Reflux,” off 2015 full-length, Creatures (Infiné), which premiered on NPR yesterday, offers a psychedelic down the dizzying streets of Shinjuku, Tokyo as our sheepish protagonist tries to get his bearings amid surreal creatures, melting backgrounds, and a crowd that won’t seem to stop laughing and staring at him. Thankfully, he encounters a mystical musician (played by legendary Japanese avant-garde trumpeteer Toshinori Kondo, who also features on Rone’s track) who guides him out of his bad trip, and into the landscape of his dreams.


“The idea for this music video came from wandering through Tokyo's dizzying activity and otherworldly lights, soaking up this beautiful, elaborate foreign culture,” the video's directors tell The Creators Project. “Yet every time I ate fresh fish I couldn't help from being reminded of the ecological disaster of Fukushima. The other spark that led to this film was a scientific study about the way hallucinogenic mushrooms actually created connections between different senses within the brain, therefore proving the synesthetic sensations of psychedelics are real. Under the influence of psychoactive substances, sound and color become intertwined, physically.”

Paired with the track’s smooth sounds, the video’s combination of VFX (created by a team led by Clément Picon) with Levy’s on-the-fly Blackmagic Pocket Cinema footage transform “Acid Reflux” from a simple music video into a multisensory cinematic experience. Oh, and did we mention the song was reworked and lengthened by Rone, and then optimized with binaural audio specifically for headphones at Radio France’s studios with the help of Hervé Dejardin? Find a dark, quiet place, and set this one to fullscreen. You’ll thank us for those goosebumps later.

Order a copy of Rone's Creatures on iTunes, and click here to visit the artist's website.


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