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You Won't Get Fat Inside This 'Foodhist' Temple

Peter Anton's giant photorealistic food sculptures come to the Unix Gallery.
April 10, 2015, 8:30pm

Jumbo-sized donuts, cakes, sushi, pizza, bacon, and fried eggs adorn the red walls of FOODHIST TEMPLE at the Unix Gallery in New York. Inside this sacred “shrine” sculptor Peter Anton requests that all “believers” remove their shoes, take a seat on a cushion, and contemplate their relationships with food. And, no matter how hungry you are, to not pull his works off the walls and devour them.

“With heightened color and exaggerated forms, my work promises the unattainable in life: ultimate satisfaction,” explains Anton in the press release. He began his food-sculpting journey with a frozen TV dinner, and over the years, has expanded to working with with resin, metal, wood, clay, and acrylic and oil paints to make his works more photorealistic.


Each work, he explains to The Creators Project, requires different materials and techniques to achieve. In the studio, Anton first surrounds himself with the food that he’ll be creating into the sculpture. For example, for the giant donuts sculpture he purchased a box of his own to study their forms. “I smell them, eat them. I surround my work area with them. I have to do this over and over because they lose the fresh look as time goes on,” he says. Only after thorough tasting and researching does he decide on the materials he'll need.

Surprisingly, his favorite foods to eat and to sculpt don’t converge too often though: “I love to eat pasta in olive oil and garlic but that would be a bland looking dish to sculpt. I don’t like Sushi but the colors make an amazing work of art."

Check out Peter Anton's FOODHIST TEMPLE at the Unix Gallery through May 9, 2015. Click here to learn more.


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