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See Wind Sculpt Metallic Fabric Like Rock Formations

From Italy to Switzerland, photographer Giuseppe Lo Schiavo captures "wind sculptures."
March 3, 2015, 5:15pm
Images courtesy the artist.

The wind is a mysterious sculptor that carves sand dunes in deserts, wears down monuments, and molds rock formations over time. To capture its artistry, photographer Giuseppe Lo Schiavo had a novel idea: using a high speed camera and a space weather blanket, he could freeze and capture the wind’s unpredictable handiwork in seconds.

Lo Schiavo’s photo series, Wind Sculptures, is also a documentation of a performance where “human and nature collaborate,” he describes on his site. He draped the luminous gold and silver cloak over his body, and let the wind sweep it in all directions while the camera snapped photos. The blanket, which was developed for NASA in 1964, is often used as thermal insulation or as a locator-beacon, he adds.


From Italy to Switzerland, see the ephemeral “theatrical sculptures” take form:


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