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Best Of The Rest: Museums In Caves, Beautiful Bitcoins, And A Gingerbread Guggenheim

The week in creativity.
December 6, 2013, 8:05pm

This week...

*Just in time for the holidays, some of the world's most famous museums were rendered in gingerbread. [Junk Culture]

* As advertised, 99 Animals drank water. [IdeaFixa]

*An artist created photos using these crazy hovering objects. [123 Inspiration]

*A bathtub turned into a concert hall. [PSFK]

*An abandoned salt mine was turned into an awesome museum. [DesignBoom]

*The world wondered if Vermeer used a special lens/mirror trick to achieve his photorealistic effects. [Vanity Fair]

*New proof emerged that exposing your kids to art makes them smarter. [Fast Co]

*These shades let you charge your phone. []

*Saturn's "enigmatic hexagon" turned out to be pretty beautiful. [io9]

*Bitcoins were explained in stunning ingraphics. [DesignTaxi]

Bitcoin Explained from Duncan Elms.

*We discovered circuit stickers, and died of cute-overload. [Inhabitots]

*This Japanese furniture looked like fun doodles. [PSFK]

*Glitch art met oil paint. [Beautiful/Decay]

*12 Geometric ornaments appeared in our inbox. [DesignSponge]

*We couldn't stop staring at this "Fire & Text" art. [ArtSaintBarth]

*And last but not least, a video game allowed us to virtual wait online--and punch ourselves in the face if we got bored. Tax season is almost here ya'll!