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The Tumblr Music Video Generator Will Give You A Sonic Seizure

Call it meme-zerizing
November 21, 2013, 9:27pm

Tumblr is known for its own music world centered on hyper-niche genres, often accompanied by Web 1.0-inspired animation and vaguely ironic aesthetics. As electronic artist and seapunk figure, Zombelle, once said, "Shout out to Tumblr!" Now, a new app by Master of Shapes called The Tumblr Music Video Generator encourages all users to join the cult, regardless of music taste.

The app is a self-explanatory, single-use toy where you can drag an drop mp3s onto a clipboard and choose an animation theme--Glitch GIFs, Rhombus-Fruit, Rap GIFs, Weird-N-Rad, and I Heart Cat GIFs--before a series of animations and memes hit your screen in tune with the beat, destroying your corneas in the process. Call it meme-zerizing.


Upon hitting "Sample Mp3" I got the Chief Keef "Love Sosa" song aligned (appropriately) with Rap GIFs that included Juicy J dancing, RiFF RAFF smiling, and naturally some GIFs of Sosa himself.

The onslaught of light refracting off gold chains was a bit much, so I decided to upload a Stereolab tune over some cat GIFs to chill things out:

Things took a turn for the insane under the Weird-N-Rad banner, but I'll let you try that one out for yourself. If you seek a pixelated wake-me-up to get you through the rest of the afternoon, this cute project may do the trick. Just be careful how deep you go into the Tumblr abyss.