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Find Your Flow in GIFs of Models Turned into Bodies of Water

Gorgeous new GIFs from Century 25 question where humans end and nature begins.
Images courtesy the artists

A new collection of serene video portraits called Deep Discovery involves images of beautiful women overlayed with footage of crashing waves, rising smoke, and running rivers. Artists Lucas Ighile and Ayla El-Moussa, a.k.a., digital media house 25th Century, teamed up to make these gorgeous looping juxtapositions of humans and the natural world.

Their compositions are similar to Antonio Mora’s surreal superimposed portraits, but instead of fusing images of natural landscapes and striking architecture, 25th Century deals almost exclusively with moving-water works, exploring what they describe as, “a place we know less about than the cosmos: the ocean.”


Deep Discovery is part of an ongoing series put on by Ighile and El-Moussa called Visual Philosophies, a project that joins “the conversation between the elements,” and practices, “being instead of having, because dancing between nature and space, we discover ourselves,” according to their website.

Check out some of their works below:

Head over to 25th Century’s website to check out more of these works.


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